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L&D Media Group | 'Mysterious China' Documentary Series
  There is a saying: You will see China in Yangzhou. The harmonious spirit of Yangzhou is another bright spot to attract tourists and entrepreneurs. The visitors and the local people in Yangzhou, enjoy the traditional culture as well as the kaleidoscope modern night life.
  Jiangsu, a prosperous province with a long history, has been the cultural exchange portal for the North and South. Over the past one thousand years, Jiangsu has gradually grew into a well-developed area of trade, culture and wealth, and has remained ever since.
Dali Love at First Sight
As an ancient brilliant fairyland full of fantasy and mystery, enhanced by a mixture of 5000-year Chinese traditional culture and modern lifestyle, Dali has become one of the most attractive travel experiences.
Land of Legends
Located In the central subtropical zone, Hubei province is a legend with about 1000 lakes. In 7th Century BC, she was where the then powerful Chu's location.
Kungfu Masters
Jackie Chan, Jet Li and the previous Bruce Lee promoted the world martial arts. The third Wushu Championships in central China opened the prelude in Taoist holy mountain, Wudang mountain.
Roof of the World
The famous Venice explorer, Marco Polo, had reached China and the roof of the world through the Silk Road. The roof of the world is the common origin of the Mekong River, the Yangtze River and the Yellow River.
Secrets of the Silk Road
Alexander the great, Marco Polo, Genghis Khan Mongol warrior, Islam monk, monks and merchants have come to find fame and wealth through the Silk Road.
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Jiangsu - Land of Good Fortune The secret of silk road Langlang interview (in coming)
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Dali - Love at first sight Macro Polo's Shangri-La Jet Li interview (in coming)
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