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    Broadcasting tv stations: KBPK (CA), Cupertino City Cable, Hoffman Estates Cable (IL), KTOP, Fargo, EDI Media, Pocatello Vision 12, San Diego County.  Click for the full list.
Mysterious China Documentary Awards
Presented by Hollywood Monarex and L&D Media Group. Through cooperation with China Governments, 8 films have been finished. The documentaries have been issued many international awards. The recent “JIANGSU” has gained the Moondance International Film Festival Award.
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The documentaries broadcasting in north American tv stations opens a new window to explore China.  
Mini Movie   "Heart to heart" Show
See broad via micro,feel the depth in the moment。   it is a show to interview sino-America people from a unique angle.
About Us
L&D has set up network/bases for film and television over the great U.S. district. Films and performing activities will continue to be broadcast in San Francisco theaters. TV stations in more than 30 states are authorized to play L&D's "mysterious China" documentary series. >>Read More
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Jiangsu - Land of Good Fortune The secret of silk road Langlang interview (in coming)
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Dali - Love at first sight Macro Polo's Shangri-La Jet Li interview (in coming)
Holy Mountain Macro Polo's Silk Road  
Kungfu Masters    
Land of legends   Mini Movie
Tibet - The truth   Huashi
The roof of the world   Nuangdong (001) 800-850-1388



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