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We're doing the best to reveal the beauty of China
Work with many famous Hollywood director, such as: Chris, Zhang Zechuan, completed all the post production and editing in professional studio in Hollywood. L&D media also set up network and base for film, television over the United States district. Related videos and performing activities will continue to broadcast in San Francisco theater, and authorized the TV stations in more than 30 states across the nation play L&D "mysterious China" documentary series. L&D also cooperates with several publishing companies, publishing and releasing the documentary film. L&D's vision is to help the United States audience to explore the charming of China with entertainment.

  Chinese American and an internationally well-known activist. She had been met by the Chinese leader as well as the president of United States, and she has had in-depth exchanges with major leaders of Jiangsu province . She loves the Public Welfare undertakings. Over the past years,she has done a lot in the city exchanges and development between China and the United States, therefore won special praise in the Los Angeles area of the United States and got the Golden Key issued by the Mayor of Hollywood in reward to her contribution. Because of the years’ dedication to the publicity and promotion of China in the United States, she was appointed chief representative of North America by the Beijing International City Development Research Institute. She has rich culture media project operation experience and high-end media resources overseas, made outstanding contributions for Chinese related government departments, universities and enterprises.> more  
Tina Yao
  Producer of documentary series 'Mysterious China' which including 'The Land of Legend', 'Dali, love at first sight', etc. Tthe 'Silk Road' documentary about Xinjiang was selected by Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee in 2008 China as foreign publicity and has won the '2007 American Terry Television Award' and 'the United States of America 2007 Knight Competition Award' as well as many other awards; the film "Dali," love at first sight” got the United States Hollywood PIXEL Oscar Academy Award nomination and has Won the July 17, 2011 Ike Hood - award of excellence. Mr. Nebe was once a guest at the CCTV Channel 9: Yang Rui Elite Dialogue -- the sound from the West on August 30, 2011, Xinhua news agency. 'Hourly News Program (morning edition)', 'Dali, love at first sight' broadcast documentaries on Hollywood premiere.  
Chris. D. Nebe
General Director
  He graduated from Indiana University, Business School of the Kelly College. After graduation, JJ focused on the entertainment business. From production assistant to the production coordinator, then he started to do the post-production work. The main production is in network television shows and movies, where he gained important experience. Joining Monarex in 2007 as vice president, he currently supervises production and post-production, creating a new kind of media for the company development. His innovative contribution is embodied in all activities of the project and the company's new developments.  
James. Osbun
Deputy Director
  Famous Contemporary American classical composer, he has originally created music for mysterious china series. And he has created music and done incidental music for many films including Jay Leno Tonight Show, Friends, Sex and the City, as well as for the Oscar Awards. Since 1999, Daniel Walker and superstar Andy Lau, pianist Xiang-dong Kong, singer Mandy cooperated in creation, command and recording work. Daniel walker’s work has been seen in the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympic in 2008. He has also composed a piece of music for the Shanghai Ballet's large original ballet "Marco Polo -- the last mission". In Pierre Cardin's help, the ballet premiere was as an important part of "2011 Shanghai Expo", and was a great success.  
Daniel. Walker
  Internationally renowned writer, director, actor and Shakespeare scholar, Lewis is the director of "Shakespeare in Huntington" and also the director of Shakespeare teacher training institutions, located in California Mario’s Huntington library. Lewis Fantasy is the author of the book "Instant Shakespeare", the most widely used book to study Shakespeare for actors, teachers and directors. In 2003, the European Commission in Strasbourg, France named their theatre collection in the library in the European Parliament Lewis fantasy to salute him.  
Louis. Fantasy
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